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Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Do NOT Hate Polar Bears

I do NOT hate polar bears. I repeat: I do not hate polar bears, nor do I wish them to die.

On the other hand, I also value life, particular the life of the unborn children. After that, my next and most pressing concern is for the women who have gone through the experience of abortion.

My big mistake (apparently) was naming the thread on linking to my blog (originally and still titled, “Living Sacrifice”) something catchy and attention grabbing such as, Polar Bears vs. Unborn Babies. And boy…did it grab your attention. Unfortunately, it grabbed the wrong kind of attention.

Some of you have implied that I’m insisting that we—as Christians, or pro-life advocates—must choose one over the other: the poor, helpless, innocent, dying polar bears; or the poor, innocent, helpless murdered unborn babies. I never said that, nor did I EVER imply that. There is a place for us to be concerned for both. But I would say, quite frankly and without shame, that our concern should be something we can somewhat control. Meaning, if we preach to the polar bears, they won’t be saved. Their lives won’t be changed. The environment is still going to do what it’s doing.

We can, though, control the abortion situation that is happening right in our backyards, so to speak, some in our own neighborhoods. We can minister to these women, pray for them, tell them and show them the truth, encourage them that there are options, educate our communities that there are clinics and people who can truly help them during their difficult time and provide real, honest hope for their future.

And when that doesn’t work and they proceed with an abortion, as Jesus said, “the field is ripe” to counsel these women who are dreadfully living with the consequences of their actions. Pray for harvest hands.

I am one of those harvest hands. As a post-abortive woman, I am pro-life, but I’m also keenly aware that that means nothing in today’s society. So when women decide to exercise their pro-choice decisions, but realize in the long run the horrific emotional, spiritual and physical pain they endure, I want to help by  providing God’s education to healing through His Word, His love, and His compassion to save and heal them.

I won’t be bogged down with the heavy burdens of other people’s desires to skew the truth I spoke, or mislead others into a heated political debate about global warming vs. abortion. That’s not what this blog, or the past blog, was about. It is solely about educating the world about the truth about abortion.

“But God’s angry displeasure erupts as acts of human mistrust and wrongdoing are lying accumulate, as people try to put a shroud over truth” (Romans 1:18).

If somehow that message got lost because everyone who read it was misled by this notion that I hate polar bears, my apologies are extended and hopefully forgiven. I hope this clears the air and settles the deceitfully harmful debate that somewhat drew attention away from the reality of the topic.

Where Are They Now?

I would also like to share something that a reader asked about on CBN pertaining to the aborted children and what happens to them. Paul described it like this in Romans 9:11:

“…her babies were still innocent in the womb—incapable of good or bad…”

That assures us that those innocent babies are up in Heaven.

We also know God formed us in the womb, that HE is our Creator, and we are His children. Those unborn children are God’s children, too. So they are in Heaven, be rest assured of that. If that doesn’t satisfy the nagging question, maybe this will help, too:

"God sovereignly made me--the first, the basic--before He did anything else. I was brought into being a long time ago, well before Earth got its start." Psalm 8:22-23


"Don't you see that children are God's BEST gift? The fruit of the womb HIS generous legacy?" Psalm 127:3 (MSG)


What About You?

If you ever had an abortion and you are currently wondering about your child(ren), those scriptures should give you comfort in knowing that God is taking care of them now until the day you will see and meet them face to face. They are in good Hands. But what about you? Are YOU in good hands? Are you being taken care of? Is God tending to your needs?

God is our healer and our comforter. Please seek help through any number of resources available for post-abortive women. Seek out local community family resource clinics or centers (NOT Planned Parenthood! They are pro-abortion and don’t offer such classes or counseling, since they don’t believe there are any side effects to having an abortion). Consider a weekend healing retreat with Rachel’s Vineyard. Or find an online community that offers confidential bible studies specifically for this type of healing.

Otherwise, if you’re just staring at this screen, afraid to move or reach out somewhat publically yet, why not instead reach out to the One who loves you dearly, and calls you His treasure and the apple of His eye. Reach out to the One who took your abortion on the cross. Who holds nothing against you, but only wishes to free you from your sorrow, anxiety, and guilt.

If that’s you, reach out to Jesus Christ now through this simple prayer and let Him begin the healing process through salvation and/or restoration:

Lord Jesus, thank You for taking my shame and guilt on the cross. Thank You for loving me so much that You stood in my place and took my wrath. I’m grateful to know that nothing surprises you—not even my abortion(s). I come to You right now, freely offering myself to You so You will be my Savior and Healer, asking for Your forgiveness, as I know You will faithfully accept me into Your Presence and take me into Your loving arms. I receive You as My Lord and Savior. I repent of all of my past and present sins. I hand over my life to You and denounce any evil strongholds that are currently trying to hold me down. Break the chains of darkness in my life, as I am confident that You have conquered sin on the cross when You died, and offered us a new life of hope through Your resurrection. I am also grateful to learn that my children are safe and sound and in Your eternal care and comfort. Thank You for showing me that my children, too, forgive me the way that You do. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Living Sacrifice

Today I found myself tangled in a messy debate over abortion on facebook. What triggered the conversation was someone’s post regarding how great the weather has been correlating to global warming.  A “friend” commented and said:

“I bet you won't be saying this when all the polar bears are extinct.  But I bet you don't care about the polar bears.”

I immediately found myself responding:

"I wish more people were concerned about the holocaust of unborn babies in our country than they are about polar bears in Antarctica.”

To which she responded:

“Use the word "holocaust" in its correct context. Holocaust means sacrificed by fire. Abortion is not a "sacrifice," it is a choice. A choice that is no one's business.

However, I did have to correct her, because although the word “holocaust” does indeed mean “sacrifice by fire,” it also means:

“Any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life” (

I followed it with a link to the movie, 180, which absolutely correlates abortion with the Holocaust. (The 30 minute movie is provided below. It is well worth the time, and you’ll be amazed as some of the answers that are given to random people on the street. Some knew nothing about Adolph Hitler, and others said they’d choose to bury Jews alive if given a choice to do that or be killed themselves. But what was incredibly fascinating as you continue to watch the movie connect abortion with the Holocaust, is the absolute transformation—right before your very eyes—of some of the people interviewed. You will see the shock and horror in their eyes, and their revelation of what abortion truly means in our society. Thus the name, 180.)

Pro-choice. Is the choice of abortion a “sacrifice”? When we think of ancient times, are we not horrified by the human sacrifices of babies? How does abortion differ?

I think the real sacrifice comes when we decide to be Pro-Life. When we choose life instead of murder. The real sacrifice is putting ourselves aside and taking responsibility for our actions, behaviors, and “choices.”

Abortion is quite literally a living sacrifice to selfishness and foolishness. It’s not a choice by any means. Not when we consider how many people are fooled into the notion that abortion is especially okay within the first trimester. According to Pregnancy Period:

“The first trimester is the stage of pregnancy that begins on the first day of your last menstrual period and ends at 13 weeks. During the first trimester, the basis for all of your baby’s organs will form.”

So let’s consider what happens during those first 13 weeks that everyone is so convinced is not life:

Day of conception: baby’s features, including sex, hair and eye color are determined (Before You Decide resource booklet).

Week 4: the babies heart is PUMPING and his/her movement is easily seen on ultrasound.

Week 6: the baby has fingers and has begun to move.

Week 10: fingernails and toenails start to form.

During training to become a post-abortion counselor, we are shown a video of an actual abortion. As the doctor inserts the instrument to grind the so-called “tissue,” the baby STRUGGLES to keep away from it. It squirms and fights for its life.

So let’s go back to the idea that the choice of abortion is “no one’s business.”

“Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva claim if a fetus can be aborted, a newborn can also be ‘terminated.’

‘Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life,’ the authors write in an article published in the online edition of the Journal of Medical Ethics.” (Click here for the source.)

Once we say that an abortion during the first trimester is “legal” and ethical, we begin to push the boundaries concerning what life means. Is it no one’s business when we take a life because we may or may not think a child has a right to a life? When have we been given that right to decide? 

When will we MAKE this our business? If we were burning newborn babies in a calf or throwing them in poisonous showers would we still insist, “It’s no one’s business”?

Hitler did…

If you watched this movie from my site, please comment below with your thoughts.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

THIS is a Christian Blog?

I’m usually not one for bad mouthing other bloggers, but today I was led to what seemed like a promising devotional blog. I was hopeful to find some encouraging words there, or scriptures that would inspire me. Oh no…that’s not what this website was about at all. Try to find God anywhere,  and it was only in the header photo with an image of the bible and the word “devotional” in the title.

Sure, the blogger has 2,404 followers, but only because it offers COUNTLESS giveaways, offers, coupons, and recipes, despite the “about me” declaration:

“Everything about my life is devotional and a living sacrifice for my Lord and Savior. In this blog, you will find prayers, inspirational thoughts, challenges, and everyday thoughts on living in the real world. I have included my passions--music and books--in addition to thoughts on real world living as a Christian and occasional giveaway.”

“Occasional giveaway”? The site was jam packed with everything about nothing. And I guess why I’m writing this and bringing this to the forefront of my blog, is because I have been desperately trying to find a way to get paid to write my devotional blog, NOTE TO SELF: Daily Reminders from God. If I were to do that, it seems God would get completely and utterly lost in the shuffle of recipes, coupons, contests, products, and other nonsense that has NOTHING to do with God or His sacred Word.

Do I want 2,000 followers? Uh, YEAH! But I want the RIGHT followers. I want the type of followers that come to my blog to find true and honest inspiration and hope. I want “followers'” of Jesus, not followers of giveaways and freebies.

Will I do the occasion book review and/or giveaway? YES! But they will truly be “occasional,” and they will ALWAYS be Christian books or products that are relevant to what my blog is about. I will never take God out of my blog…EVER!

I keep trying to find unique ways to get my name/blog out there, and the more I see of those who are “making it,” so to speak, are the ones who have utterly sold their soul for a couple bucks. I don’t see much value in many sites out there anymore. I’m sorry, but that’s a fact.

And when these so-called experts keep telling us, “Content is king,” don’t buy into that lie, because content means nothing. Half the people out there don’t even have a clue how to “write” or construct a paragraph worth reading. Any proper English/Writing teacher would gladly mark a big, fat, bold, red F on their home page. Quite honestly, most of the “sponsored” sites I’ve seen out there are obviously written by amateur writers looking to make an easy buck in cyberspace because blogging is all the rage.

My gift is writing. I use it to honor God. My content is about THE King of kings. I write to express, explain, and encourage. I take my time to write, and don’t rush things out the door just to make sure my mailing list (which I don’t have) can get the latest and greatest gadget for free in hopes of driving in faux traffic. I will absolutely have typos here and there/their/they’re, as that’s only natural, but they are not by any means intentional because I don’t have a clue how to write.

I’m truly sorry if this offends some bloggers, but I have to be honest about what’s going on out there because it’s despicable and shameful. I am publically resolving myself to that fact that if getting paid to blog means minimizing my message, I’ll gladly keep doing it for free…and for God!

I encourage you Christian bloggers out there who are trying to get your blog or website sponsored that you don’t lose focus on WHO you are, WHAT you believe, and who you believe IN. That you don’t sell your soul to the devil in hopes of sharing God’s Word (see the contradiction?).

What truly matters about your site or blog? Who is your target audience? Shoppers or Believers? If they are shoppers, don’t try to push your site off as a Godly place where followers can find and experience God. If they are believers, then don’t lose them by trying to buy them.

I am incredibly selective about the blogs I follow for this very reason. There aren’t many sponsored Christian sites that haven’t lost focus of their “faithful” following. There are a few sites that I absolutely love and I believe hold true to the values, morals and ethics of writing for God. And those bloggers know who they are because I am devout to their sites, their ministries, and their messages.

If your site is about giveaways, product promotions, contests, coupons or money saving tips…ignore me. But if you are a blogger, blogging for Christ you should consider this:

“God’s Message: ‘Guard My common good: do what’s right and do it in the right way’” Isaiah 56:1 (MSG).

Nuff said.

(I originally linked the blog that has me reeling, but I don’t feel the blog deserves anymore “mis”hits than it’s already receiving.)