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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scraps for Scrapbooking

As you know, this is my blog for “anything goes,” and so…here it goes.

I just started scrapbooking. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at it, but felt I lacked the creativity to produce something as nice as I’ve seen out there. But what triggered me jump in was an idea I saw on Pinterest for Father’s Day and thought I’d try to do something unique.

What I came up with was this.


A memory book for my husband, starting from the day we met working on the boats together in Chicago. I found this mini “passport” notebook at Marshal’s. (They have GREAT deals on scrapbook products, however, they are quite limited compared to hobby/craft stores.)


(My picture in the life preserver, giving a guided tour.)



1970-01-07_11-59-22_504 “Big shoes to fill…but I will!”

I used sticker paper for some of the photos, which worked out perfectly.


Cutting people out from the photo makes it look 3D. (For all of you reading this who have been scrapping for ages, bear with me, this is all new and so cool to me!)

My husband absolutely LOVED his Father’s Day gift! He has it displayed on a plate hanger/holder on his desk in his studio.

So then I got the scrapbooking bug and went GUNG-HO. I wasn’t sure if I decided to go all out because I needed something to take my mind off my mother’s death, or if I was truly engrossed and enjoyed the process of creating.

I had done some digital scrapbooking before, creating a baby book for our son, Tavin. I used the scrapbooking program, Scrapbook Factory,  and bought a portfolio book at Barnes & Noble. And since I’ve been obsessed with stickers since I was twelve, my obsession only got worse with the idea of cool 3D stickers available now for scrapbooking.






Although the program offered pre-designed layouts that I didn’t like so I had to create my own, I just didn’t feel like I was truly “creating” anything special. The digital embellishments were nice, but they didn’t jump out at you.

So the bug got in me after making Jared’s book. After depleting two and half dozen eggs from GFS, I was left with an empty egg protector. And since I’ve been seeing all these clever ideas on Pinterest on reusing things you’d never dream of having any practical use for, I had an idea.


I opened it up as if I were going to tear it down.


And this is what I came up with…


Because I love biblical scripture memorization, I decided this would be my book dedicated to some of my favorite passages.


I loved the inside of the carton and didn’t want to cover it with paper. So I just used some pictures I cut out, along with some die cuts and stickers. You can also see that I added clasps on the “binder” to insert pages.

Then it was on to making the journal pages, and this is probably where I feel I lack in honest creativity. I just see so many awesome pages that other’s have done, and mine pales in comparison. I don’t get crazy with embellishments and layering, so my pages tend to be a bit more simplistic.



This style card stock didn’t have any pattern on the other side, but I still wanted to make use of it. Again, I’m not one for overdoing it. I’m more of a Mies van der Rohe person when it comes to “architecting” my pages: Less is more. I know that in the world of scrapbooking, that whole theory is thrown out the 90th story window, but I just can’t bring myself to it.

But I was inspired by some great ideas I’d come across, and came up with my own design and layout for the beginning of “Our Storybook.”


Again, since Jared and I met working on the sightseeing boats in Chicago, I wanted a boat, water and Chicago-skyline theme. (It took me forever to draw and cut out that skyline! Drawing it on the back of the paper, I kept forgetting that I had to draw the skyline backwards so it would cut out in order on the design-side.)


Yesterday I went to Michael’s to search out some memorial products for a memorial book I’ll be putting together for my mom, but instead I ran across tons of items that were only $1! I bought 70 dollar items, including cool stamps and ink pads! (Someone keep me FAR, FAR away from that store!)

When we cleaned out my mother’s house (we’re still not completely through it yet), we discovered she, too, had a room designated for her arts and crafts! My mother was incredibly talented at drawing, and like me, she tried her hand out in other crafting areas. So she had an entire dresser full of supplies, mostly things I would never use, but I did find some goodies, like these gold and silver ropes on our individual boats, connected to and anchored by “love”.


These may seem a bit lame in the world of scrapbooking, but I’m enjoying myself nonetheless!


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