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Friday, August 17, 2012

Journals 3 and 4

So, it took me a week to get these two done. Hopefully, now that I’m getting the hang of it things will pick up in speed. I’m spending approximately 14 hours, total, on each journal. I had no idea how time-intensive this would be, but I’m incredibly happy with the outcome.

It should also be noted that not only are these journals coming from my heart and spirit, but they also include some gems I’ve found in my mother’s memorabilia, too. So they are incredibly “valuable” to me in so many ways…

Here are journals 3 and 4.

The first one is themed, “journey.”


The china element, with an umbrella that opens, is actually from Vietnam when my dad was there during the Vietnam War. He brought a bunch back and gave them to my mother. It was something I found in her art collection box.


I love the twine closure on this journal:


Let’s “journey” inside the journal…

This is straight up, scrapbook paper that I loved so much I didn’t want to touch!


Another treasure I found in my mom’s sewing kit was a piece of fringe. I wanted to use this in a clever way…


A note from God:


“Explore your world…” and cute envelope with a 1 cent stamp.



A cute fabric pocket for notes…


Blank journal pages…


Devotions…(sorry about the glare!)


Back of the book envelope for private thoughts, and an article included about the sculpture that is used in the photo.


Back cover.



4th journal theme: “joy".

This one is WAY different than the other three. I’m trying to keep in mind that there will be an assortment of tastes and styles. I had a LOT of fun with this one. It’s very…PINK!

My first attempt at mod podge.


The ribbon is cute pink owls.


Two pockets on the inside cover for notes and pencils/pens.


I was STUNNED at myself when I pulled this off. If I do say so myself, this is such a beautifully designed tag. Originally, it was just a blank pink punch out tag. Added some embellishments and faux pearls (to match on the tabs) with the stamped lettering (which I don’t care for).


I found this awesome punch out book of pastels with all sorts of cool stuff like tags, birds, stars, flowers, arrows, etc., on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics. And I discovered some unique things to do with washi tape!! LOVE THAT STUFF! (Made a wing on the bird with pink polka dot washi tape—wait, it gets better!)

Also realized I could make my own, personal, washi tape. On the bottom of this page the line repeats, “you are loved.”


Another cute embellished tag, and homemade washi tape of birds on a branch.


Love this page. You can also see the pearls on the tabs.


Open frames for photo inserts. Sunday, the final day, is the when many pictures are taken.


Oh, how I ADORE this page and what I did to the bird!! Bought this “decorative tape” (washi tape) at Target, as a set (small dots, big dots, and stripes), for $3.99. It came in red/pink, green/aqua, and blue.


Used the washi tape to frame the journal, but also used it to decorate the bird, along with two cute rhinestone stars for the eyelashes. She’s an adorable little bird sitting in a cute flower!



Keeping with the “pink” theme.


Devotions with journal pages.


Back page and back cover (with a clear package envelope). You can see I used the green/aqua washi tape:


Although the theme is “joy,” I felt in my spirit that the woman who chooses this journal will need a few reminders that she is loved.



Now…for the next 11. LOL!! God willing, I’ll get them done before the retreat.

God bless!!


VERY beautiful sweetie! LOVE looking at these and seeing what you're doing!!!!

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