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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cancer is Pro-Choice

Over the past couple of weeks since Susan G Komen decided to halt funding to Planned Parenthood,  I’ve heard many pro-choice advocates screaming, “Cancer doesn’t care if you’re pro-life or not.” I beg to differ.

Cancer is absolutely, 100% pro-choice. It chooses who it will attack. It chooses who it will kill. It chooses when it will take over. Cancer has control of all choices, while life has none. So wouldn’t it make complete sense if we supported an organization that cared about life rather than deliberate murder?

Pro-choice has never been about the right to choose the food you eat, or listen to the music you want to listen to. Pro-choice simply means pro-abortion/pro-killing innocent lives. That’s the simplicity of pro-choice. It’s not really a “choice,” so to speak, that they are rallying for, it’s the right to be free to murder an unborn child they don’t want and didn’t prepare for, as if it were the unborn child’s fault for their lack of judgment or carelessness. (And don’t think I’m saying this out of spite, I’m saying this from my own personal experience.)

Planned Parenthood is the leader in the “pro-choice” movement. That means they are the leaders in the abortion holocaust. Susan G Komen should be granting grants to organizations that are in alignment with their purpose: to save lives.

The pro-choice movement is loud and obnoxious, full of hot air inflated by scandalous lies. The notion that anyone can be moved by this group of anti-life  supporters is both shameful and obscene, particularly any group who claims they are trying to make a difference for those who are battling for their lives.  But now we find out that Komen has backtracked their de-funding efforts. Worse yet, new local Komen affiliates who once never considered funding Planned Parenthood have now come out proudly to declare that they will gladly give your money to support killing innocent lives.

When did one person’s life have more value over the other? Cancer isn’t for a set group of people. It chooses whomever it wants to choose. No one is immune…and that’s the key to this problem. The money donated to Komen was intended for research to find a cure, instead they took your money and gave it away to other organizations that have nothing to do with cancer. Nothing.

Cancer is absolutely anti-life, pro-choice. It’s intent is to kill, much like abortion. It is at times hopeless, as in the case of my own mother. It doesn’t care whether you live or die. It’s purpose is death, much like the pro-choice movement. Cancer focuses on destruction of life. It does care if you are pro-choice or pro-life. It’s hoping you are on its side. And unfortunately, many of you are and don’t even know it.


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