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Friday, February 1, 2013

Be Mine Love

HAPPY LOVE MONTH! I’ve got such exciting things going on over at my other site, NOTE TO SELF: Daily Reminders from God, this month. God is pouring out His love in a mighty way, and He desires for everyone to know just how much He loves them! I do hope you’ll follow along. During the month of February, the site has been temporarily renamed, Love Notes from God. Be sure to check in daily for your love note!

Anyway, the theme of God’s love this month is, “Will you be Mine?” So with that in mind, I used the Deconstructed Sketch with that theme. Here’s the sketch:

Deconstructed Sketch No. 87

And here is my design:

be mine love

Someone recently told me not to be too hard on myself because my cards were really beautiful and that they could tell I pay close attention to detail. So I’m not going to be down on myself with my card making skills. I will admit I’m getting better—much better—and I have these sketch designs to thank for that. It really guides me in my creativity.

Then the other night, skyping with a very dear friend of mine (who led me to Jesus, by the way!), suggested that I try to sell my cards as a way to earn some extra income. I poo-pooed the idea, but she insisted that the Christmas card I sent to her was gorgeous and absolutely sellable. Well, I really do need to start making some extra money since my husband’s wages are now being deducted for health insurance, and that has KILLED us financially.

So it’s here!!!!!!!!! My Etsy shop: I Can Create Creations

Very soon I will be making some stationary cards and box card sets. So be on the lookout for those.

It’s time we started sending personal touches to those we love, isn’t it? My grandmother would always write me letters, at least once a week, when she was in Florida during the winter. And I used to love writing her back and telling her all about my life and things going on. I anticipated getting her letters eveyr week.

We are so lost in technology, that we have forgotten how to be “personal” anymore. And I’m praying that my Etsy shop will inspire people to start getting personal again.


This is a beautiful card! I love the cut-outs in the banners. What a great idea. Congratulations and good luck with your etsy shop! Thanks for joining us at the Deconstructed Sketch this week! Have a fantastic day!
Thanks. I came up with it last night out of nowhere but wasn't able to make it until today. I was SO happy I remembered the idea, because usually those things slip my mind quickly with a 3 year old on my heels. :)
OOOHHH I really like the cutouts on your banners - great idea.
Thanks Kathy!
Oh my this is gorgeous! Your die cutting is amazing! I'm so glad you were able to join us for this week's Deconstructed Sketch!
Thank you Jennifer!

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