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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Feminine and Masculine Birthday Cards

I by no means declare that I’m acing this card making thing. I’m trying, though.

I really like the idea of making cards for people. There is a lost art of simply sending anyone an actual card that they can hold in their hands these days. With social networks ruling cyberspace, more often than not, many people are only receiving impersonal, “Happy Birthday” messages on their profile pages.

I’ve always loved sending cards. For a long time, many years ago, I used to stockpile cards for any given occasion. But after trying my hand at scrapbooking, and HATING it, I thought I’d scale it down a bit and try making some beautifully handmade cards.

I have two friends that will be celebrating their birthday this week. One is an old high school friend, and another is a dear new friend I met earlier this year at a very emotional Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.

So for my old friend, who loves to ride his bike, here is a masculine card:


And for my new friend, here is a feminine card:


What’s funny about this photo is that the sentiment seems to be raised above the pink bar, however, it is the pink bar with the window that is raised above the sentiment. (I hate my camera! But I LOVE washi tape!)


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