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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life is Good When I’m With You

I’m experiencing separation anxiety from my husband.

For the past five years, we’ve had the luxury of very flexible work schedules and winters off together. Although times were tough, financially, Jared and I cherished our time together. We are not the kind of couple who seeks “time away.” We truly relish quiet nights together and chaotic days with Tavin.

But now he started a new, permanent, full time job. No more random hours or winter breaks. He leaves at 2:30 PM and gets home around 2:30 AM. He sleeps until Noon, puts Tavin down for a nap and then takes one himself until 1:30 PM when he wakes up to shower and then leaves again for work.

Tomorrow will be our first anniversary that we haven’t spent together in five years. And while my life is quite frustrating because Jared’s no longer around as my sounding board with Tavin, I miss just having him around. I miss our nights of nothingness that meant so much, more than anything, though.

And that inspired me to create this art journal page. So far, this is my favorite one I’ve done. I’ve only made a handful of art journal pages, and I’m truly trying to find my niche. I think heartache does my art good.


Then a few days ago I received the bad news that my friend’s mother had finally “won” her battle with recurring breast cancer. Her passing brought back the horrible memories of losing my mom just a mere five months ago, and I was capsized under a sea of tears. So I tried my hand at making my first sympathy card. Not sure how good it turned out, but my heart is truly in it.



I also sent a very good friend of mine an awesome care package, however, she has yet to receive it, which is upsetting since I sent it over a week ago now.



Then I made a thank you card for a friend who sent me some books on “the strong willed child.” Apparently she’s under the assumption that Tavin gets that from me. Smile


Oh, and I made a fabulous paprika bird in the oven last week. Just thought I’d end on a high note.



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