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Friday, January 18, 2013

Deconstructed Sketch # 85: Perfect for Each Other

Sometimes I feel a bit silly posting and blogging about the cards I’ve made. Although I love to write about my faith and my political beliefs, writing about something I do for fun seems a bit odd, especially since I’m just starting and I’m not entirely sure where my talent/skill level is how good I am at it yet.

Because of that uncertainty, I’ve been trying to challenge myself with sketches, rather than trying to duplicate or be inspired by other cards. So along with Cardabilities, I also decided to follow The Deconstructed Sketch.

Here is sketch no. 85:

deconstruc sketch85

Here is my inspiration…somewhat.


Again, my camera just doesn’t do this paper from Lost & Found justice. This glittery pale blue and ivory cardstock with faded handwriting is so gorgeous. It has a wonderful texture to it, and it really pops.


This is all one sheet of paper, cut into sections, and the blue strip is the “B” side of the paper. The grey banner is some old wedding paper I had lying around. I was unable to build on this paper, because everything seemed to get drowned out by the silver, glitter dots. So I decided not to put a scalloped edge on it at all. Trust me…I tried. It wasn’t working.

I don’t usually make cards without a sentiment or person in mind. I’m not one of those crafters who stockpiles up on cards and has them lying around ready to go. I make them as needed, and I usually make them according to the person it’s intended for, designed for their interests and style. So this card was a bit difficult for me to make because I had no real thought process about who or what it was for.

Eventually I just decided it would be a wedding card, if anyone I know should happen to get married…anyone?

So this is the inside of the card, which will eventually say, “You two are perfect for each other.”


And that’s that!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! God Bless!!


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